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Peoria Sport Verein


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Peoria Sport Verein



We shoot every third Sunday of the month from 1:00pm – 3:00pm at Hickory Grove Park. After completing ten shooting rounds in each discipline (bow, crossbow), members are eligible for a medal for their club shooting vest (gold, silver, or bronze – depending on end-of-year ranking amongst the archers).

Our archers can practice with their own equipment, or with one of the club’s compound bows or crossbows. Beverages are available at the park pavilion.

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Peoria Sport Verein


The Peoria Sport Verein (PSV) is the 2nd oldest continuing soccer club in the state of Illinois. Here are a few interesting club facts:

  • Established in 1955
  • 18 Seasons in the National Soccer Leaue
  • 1958 National Soccer League “CHAMPIONS”
  • Co-Founders of the Central IL Soccer League
  • Founders of the Women’s CISL
  • 7 Joe Spies Cups
  • 10 Walter Reid Cups
  • 16 CISL Titles
  • 8 Members of the PAHSSCA Hall of Fame
  • 2 Members of the Greater Peoria Sports Hall of Fame
  • 2007 & 2017 ISSA State Cup 2nd Place
  • 2016 ISSA State Cup 1st Place

PSV Soccer plays their home matches at Hickory Grove Park.

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Peoria Sport Verein

Mixed Golf League


Our golf season starts in April and continues through August at the Kellogg Executive Nine course every Tuesday with a starting tee time at 4:00 p.m.  Our membership fee is $15.00 which is used for prizes at our banquet held in September.

We are a friendly group with a variety of skill levels and we love to socialize after our round of golf by going out to eat to a different restaurant each week. A meeting to begin the golf season is held on the last Tuesday in March at the Lindenhof at 5:00 p.m. Sandwiches are provided. 

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Peoria Sport Verein

Airgun Shooting League


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Open to all SVP Members

Non-member guests and new shooters may shoot up to five evenings to decide if the league is a good fit for them, prior to deciding whether to join or not.

Safety and courtesy are our primary concerns: practice proper muzzle discipline and do not distract those shooting.

Team Practice

We shoot the first and third Thursdays of the month (please see the Club Calendar page) at the Lindenhof.

We also shoot on the fifth Thursday of the month.

Our first relay starts at 5:00 PM,

Shooters should arrive by 6:30 PM

Shooting ends at 7:15 PM on the first Thursday for the SVP business meeting. Shooting ends at 8:00 PM on the third and fifth Thursdays.

Food is available for purchase. Fifth Thursdays are potluck nights.

Fees and Procedures 

Adult Fees: $50.00 for annual season pass, or $5.00 per night, or $3.00 for one relay only

Juniors (18 & under) Fees: $20.00 annual season pass, or $3.00 per night, or $1.00 for one relay

Course of Fire: 10 shots per discipline per relay

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Shooters pay at the reception desk, then pick up and label targets with your name and discipline. When you are ready to shoot, put your target upside-down on the top of the appropriate stack of targets by discipline.  The Range Officer will call your name when your relay is on deck.

Scoring: Shooters place their targets in stacks by discipline on the refrigerator under the TV for electronic scoring.

Medals and Uniforms

Medals are Awarded to SVP member shooters with 10 or more relays shot in a discipline for the year.

Award level (Gold, Silver or Bronze) is based on the total score of the top ten scores submitted (very important to turn in at least 10 scores).  More shooting can only help you and the team!

Shoot 10 or more entries in all 5 disciplines, including bow and crossbow at Hickory Grove to become eligible for the pentathlon medal.

Uniforms consist of a German-style hat, long sleeve white shirt, black pants or skirt, hunter green vest & tie (optional).

Vests and embroidery for Vests and Ties may be ordered from S Harris Uniforms, 1025 N. Sheridan, Peoria.

League Tournaments

Our club participates in both Peoria and nearby cities during they year.  These may require travel, sometimes overnight. Please refer to the club calendar for details.

March 16th: Airgun Match and Coronation Ball  (Chicago, IL)

June 13th-16th: Airgun Match and Touring (Frankenmuth & Auburn Hills, MI)

June 22nd: 20th Annual Andreas Hofer Wettschiessen (Lindenhof)

October 19th :Hubertusschiessen (St. Louis, MO)

December 21st: SVP Königsschiessen, Vogelschiessen & Appreciation Dinner (Lindenhof)