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GACS Culture Committee

GACS Culture Committee

German Performing Arts and Culture

The GACS Culture Committee has the important mission of promoting and maintaining Deutsche Kultur through the performing arts and other cultural activities. 

Regular activities include the Deutche Stammtisch every second Friday of the month at the Lindenhof Friday dinner, where guests are invited to practice their German language skills, and the screening of subtitled German movies throughout the year. The committee also sponsors the annual Maifest.

We currently support several types of performers across the arts of music, dance and puppetry. These groups perform at many of our Fests throughout the year, and are available to perform at both public and private events.

The GACS Culture Committee holds its meetings on an ad hoc basis. Please refer to the Calendar for specific dates. We welcome anyone who is interested to participate in Deutsche Kultur.

GACS Culture Committee

Alphorns – The Lindenhof Echoes

The Alphorn is the instrument made famous in television commercials for the herbal cough drop manufactured by the Swiss company Ricola! What began as a tool used by shepherds to call cows into the barn and soothe them at milking time is now one of the most easily recognized symbols of Switzerland.

The Lindenhof Echoes are a quartet of Alphorn enthusiasts who promote Deutsche Kultur by performing at our Fests throughout the year, and welcome the opportunity to perform at other public and private events.

To learn more about engaging the Lindenhof Echoes, please contact us via the form on this site.

GACS Culture Committee

The Kaiser Wilhelm Ratskeller Brummers

We are proud to sponsor the Kaiser Wilhelm Ratskeller Brummers – a Baviarian-style Oompah Band that gives our Fests and events a real Hofbrau feeling.  

The Brummers have played at nursing homes, Bradley Homecomings and are the opening ceremonial band at Peoria Oktoberfest. They have entertained for many business concerns in the Peoria area and for over 35 years have been the opening band at the Volksfests and Bratfests held at Hickory Grove picnic grounds.

To learn more about engaging the Brummers, please contact us via the form on this site.

GACS Culture Committee

Puppenspiel – The Lindenhof Puppentheater

Puppet theather gives both adults and children an entirely new experience to learn Deutsche Kultur and language. This traditional type of Kaspertheater is known for the lively exchanges between the puppets and the audience.

Our puppetry group has a portable stage built by GACS members and is available for performances. They have traveled to local schools and even as far as Iowa for performances, and also perform at many of our Fests at Hickory Grove and Peoria Oktoberfest.

To learn more about engaging or joining the Lindenhof Puppentheater, please contact us via the form on this site.

GACS Culture Committee

Folk Dancers – Peoria Volkstänzer

The Peoria Volkstänzer strive to preserve and perpetuate the folk dances, customs and culture of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and to cultivate a public appreciation of these by performing in authentic costume accompanied by traditional music.

The group is open to people of all ages and our members range in age from 7 – 70+ years of age. Folk dancing practice takes place on Sunday evenings.

For more information about learning folk dancing, joining one of our performing groups or having us perform at your event, please contact us via the form on this site.

GACS Culture Committee

German Stammtisch!

2nd Friday of each Month
from 6-8pm 

at the Lindenhof

by Green Finish Line Ford (309) 691-7484


What’s a stammtisch?

It’s an old German tradition for a Gasthaus or
café to set aside a table for a group of people who regularly get together
to visit, talk, play cards and have social and political discussions.

What if my German isn’t so hot?

That’s OK. All levels are welcome.The
only “rule” is that everyone speaks German (or as much as possible). It
doesn’t matter what your skill level is… just come and have fun!

You pay for what you drink and eat.