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The 16 German states couldn’t be more diverse!

From the rugged alpine scenery in the south to the lakes and sea shores in the north, well-known and secret holiday destinations abound.

Fascinating traditions and delicious foods vary throughout the country, facts that amaze first-time visitors again and again.  Although not all states are internationally well-known as tourist destinations, there are always places worthwhile to visit.

German States – Die Bundesländer

Germany is traditionally a country organized as a federal state. After the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, the German-speaking territories of the empire became allied in the German Confederation (1815–1866), a league of states with some federalisticelements. After the war between Austria and Prussia of 1866, Prussia led the Northern states into a federal state called North German Confederation of 1867–1870. The Southern states joined the federal state in 1870/71, which was consequently renamed German Empire (1871–1918). The state continued as the Weimar Republic of 1919–1933.

List of historic states of Germany